Boundr: Consumer Product Branding


When a medical sales professional went on maternity leave with her third child, she knew she needed abdominal support to heal and bounce back. She had access to an array of medical products, but none were comfortable, durable or attractive.  She came across an innovative fabric that was supportive and breathable. From that discovery, she was able to introduce a unique compression band that was durable, soft and comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time. To share this innovation with others, the company needed product branding support focusing on a product name, tagline, positioning statement that would enable them to cross over from medical products into the wellness product category and stand-out online and in-stores.


After conducting competitive research in post pregnancy, post surgery, and sports injuries, we developed the name Boundr. Not only does it convey bounding a band but it also suggests the motion of bounding forward in your life. The tagline “Live your life fully supported,” promises the ease and comfort of this compression support to enjoy everyday activities. The goal for the product branding through retail packaging was versatility. It is enclosed in mesh bags with custom tags and printed label wraps. The bags can be hung from hooks or stacked in a bin. They can also be used by consumers to carry and store the Boundr. To tell their story and testimonials online, we created a 2-minute web video. We designed web templates, wrote content and consulted on their SEO strategy for their e-commerce site. Additionally, we developed sell sheets, brochures, and presentation templates for the sales team.


The client has seen immediate success and feedback with the e-commerce launch, local retailer rollout, and strategic partnerships with therapy and medical facilities. There has been a resounding response in the cosmetic surgery industry, as well as, sports therapies and post-pregnancy.

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