Fat Cow Coffee Roasters: Logo Branding and Print Packaging

Fat Cow Coffee Collateral

Fat Cow Coffee Roasters: Logo Branding and Print Packaging


This family-run coffee roasting company from Lancaster County came to us with a brand story that needed to translate better across various mediums—including their brown craft bags. The Fat Cow commitment to building community through a good cup of coffee drives their story but what they needed next was a clear and simple way to convey their process and products through refreshed logo branding and print packaging. Since they roast in small batches, they also needed a labeling system to differentiate the source regions.


We developed a simplified logo that could then be used on everything in a consistent manner. This new logo became a stamp that is used on the front of their coffee bean bags. We also designed a front and back label for their packaging. The front designates the roast and region, and the bag label tells their brand story and product information. We also designed a sales tool that can be used for retailers or at events that they serve coffee. The back allows them to imprint the latest roasts or mail the piece to businesses.


They now have beautiful logo branding and print packaging with a flexible system for labeling their coffee that enables them to work inexpensively and in small batches. They also have a brand story that clearly conveys who they are and what they offer.

Fat Cow Coffee Mug

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