Veterinary CyberKnife: Tradeshow Booth

Veterinary CyberKnife: Tradeshow Booth


Stereotactic radio surgery is a high-precision, non-invasive method of cancer treatment. This technology was perfected on humans and is now being re-aligned for use on pets. Veterinary CyberKnife is the only center using this latest laser technology, so it was important for them to have a booth that stood out from other veterinary services at an upcoming trade show. When they came to us all they had done was a logo.


We designed a contemporary and dynamic 10’x10’ tradeshow booth that worked with a matching brochure and folder combination to fit their budget.


Veterinary CyberKnife’s show presence is a success as they turn heads and attract a large audience. They also found that the high-quality tradeshow booth system was easy to install and reuse at future events.