Executive Health Resources: Comprehensive Campaign


Create a comprehensive campaign for Executive Health Resources (EHR) that would communicate the key benefits of engaging physician advisors to ensure RAC readiness. And because great advisors are integral to their business, physician recruitment was also critical and needed new approaches. We needed to refresh but not lose their established brand logo, style, and palette.


We designed and executed a comprehensive campaign that tied into a big industry trade show. Through ads both in digital and print, microsite and a dynamic booth we communicated “The EHR Cure” as a long-term solution to RAC readiness as opposed to short-term fixes that still left hospitals vulnerable. Open Haus refreshed the brand with new marketing collateral, physician recruitment direct mail and email campaigns and launched internal employee incentive programs. We also refreshed their corporate website and Compliance Library, plus created a corporate intranet and digital newsletters.


Our relationship grew to the point that we were doing various campaigns both internally and client facing. We continued to work on their tradeshows. Sales and recruitment were invigorated. EHR grew to serve more than 1,100 hospital and health system clients nationwide. They were acquired by Ingenix and are now an Optum Company.

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