Precyse: Print and Digital Rebranding

Precyse: Print and Digital Rebranding


Precyse Solutions had a technology software product that was innovative and expanded their suite of healthcare information management services for hospitals. They were known for their coding and staffing solutions. But what they critically needed was a signficant print and digital rebranding. The existing logo and brand didn’t speak innovation, technology or to the unique blend of people and technology. They needed a complete rebranding to reposition themselves in the marketplace.


We created a look and voice that spoke to the holistic blend of people and technology.  Through the concept of energy, the flow of information and sparking ideas and innovation we developed the strategy for their print and digital rebranding. From the logo, tagline and messaging, to the array of marketing materials and website, we told that story in a memorable way, and as is best practice with any new launch, we created tools to inspire employees to become brand ambassadors and energize them through a corporate intranet, colleague promotions, and brand guidelines. Additionally, we executed email campaigns, eNewsletters, on-going support for events, talent recruitment, and marketing initiatives. Open Haus also created additional extensions of the brand with Precyse University, Precyse University DNA, Precyse University Webinars OnDemand and OpenSketch.


Precyse stood out as an innovative HIM company with a holistic offering of services and technologies. The sales team has easy-to-use, customized sales materials and online tools to engage the targeted decision-maker. generated targeted leads with a clear SEO/SEM strategy resulting in an increase in traffic by nearly 300%. The rebrand strengthened their position in healthcare technology industry and attracted investors. Precyse was acquired within four years of building the brand.